Recruiting !!


We are currently recruiting all class’s, except tanks, both to get further than 9/10 HC, but also to be able to bulk up for next patch.

You think Requiem is the guild for you, either poke one of us in game or write and application from the application page.

8/10 – Iron Maidens HC


After a long night of wiping, Iron Maidens finally felt our hard steel and succumbed to the power of it ;-)

Kill vid is linked below…

players not on the ship can with advantage watch from minute 5:00 to 6:15 on how to avoid bombs. Pretty much shows exactly how it’s done so you take 0 damage. Also quite clearly shows how many areas that are actually available to go to during that phase should you have rapid fire or something like that in your face..

5/10 BRF HC – Flamebender


Last Night we dealt fierce blows to Flamebender HC and killed her and her fiery dogs.
Also had some tries on Operator Thogar, That fight is really awesome so much fun with moving trains and people flying left and right, Love it. We haven’t killed it yet, but we’ll get it soon.

Tried something new with the vid this time and mixed both Silverlaine PoV and Blackhoove Pov in 1 vid, that one is below.
Also uploaded the Pov’s separately, look for them in the media/videos section

now 4/10 hc in BRF


We killed 2 more boss’s in BRF, Beastlord and Hans’gar and Franzok

Beastlord caused us way more trouble than Hans’gar and Franzok did (cause we 1 shot them)

the Twin brother fight is linked below


BRF HC have begun


We killed 2 HC boss’s and had tries on 2 more.

Gruul and Oregorger were killed, and we had tries on blast furnace, which seems a little over tuned so we went to beastlord Darmac instead, which in turn seems relatively easy, fully expect him to go down next time we are on him.

I did record the Gruul kill, but it’s horribly bad recording skills ;) so didn’t post it here, go look in the media section for it, and I’ll redo it later and post it here when I don’t check why I died midfight ;-)



At least one of the Raiders have started streaming live via Twitch or similar.

To see which streams are available go to the media section under streams.

Or click this link Streaming if you want to go have a look now